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How to Avoid Getting Lifted Off Your Feet. 1

How to Avoid Getting Lifted Off Your Feet.

Check out the description of the video at the bottom for an expansion on the techniques used! I think the control of your opponents balance, core movement and head are the primary means with...

Better to Avoid Punching 0

Better to Avoid Punching

I found the video interesting, although there are many other good striking tools readily available, especially the elbows, head and knees!

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Having Fun While Diversifying Your Training

One of the most invaluable practices for a martial artist or body trainer of any sort, is to occasionally “mix it up”. This means trying out a new style of training, or sport, or...

pauliezink 1

Squats for Super Agility

[ Sifu Paulie Zink : Internationally acclaimed Monkey Kung Fu master, Taoist teacher, and founder of the popular Yin-Yoga Method ] Ok, this is my long answer to the previous post about the Squat...

Basic sword training safety 0

Basic sword training safety

Very straightforward and important. The main point  – think of where the sword is going to go if you miss your target!

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Ultimate Energy Booster

A few of my favourite things are green, such as Starbucks Matcha Latte, and this soup: I make it for lunch in the summer, but I missed the instant zip  it provides so much,...