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Training for Balanced Results 2

Training for Balanced Results

Reminiscent of Natalia’s article, “What Are You Training For?“, take a look at these two videos: I really like these two demos. Not only because they portray talented martial artists who are able to...

Another Multiple Opponents Drill 5

Another Multiple Opponents Drill

Here’s a useful one from krav maga expert and former police officer, Branimir Tudjan. The drill works best in a group of three or more, and is an exercise in continuous body movement. It’s...

1602001_842956805746301_772041102803527648_o 0

Does this look good?

I am not so sure… Here is the link to Ido Portal post about  this side effect of their training program.   Opinions? If you don’t know what Ido Portal is, it is highly successful...

openphotonet_Abstract_001 4

Not dead until warm and dead

As the weather gets colder, I start hearing complaints (you will not hear any from me!). One day I found myself standing on a bus stop telling my shivering girlfriend to embrace the wind...

lead 1

Your cat may make you lose your fear of death

I knew that! Jaroslav Flegr says that a single-celled parasite in the protozoan family was subtly manipulating his personality, causing him to behave in strange, often self-destructive ways. And if it was messing with...

sub-zero almost gets a boot to the head 1

A Short Study – Mortal Kombat Elevator Prank

Here’s a video that’s currently holding top position on YouTube’s homepage. It just passed 10.2 million hits, in only 4 days. (update: 34 million hits after six months) It’s interesting to compare the reactions...

TEDTalks violence virus 0

Violence is a virus

… and should be treated like an infectious disease, with “interruptors” employed by Health Districts. Eye opening… Not sure about the photos showing only black guys, but I guess that’s the reality of street...

meditation stones 1

Meditation Journal Entry

I thought I’d share a little narrative of my recent experience. I leave the interpretation of it up to the reader. I lay flat on my back, eyes closed, on an inflatable mattress in...