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2014 May - PlayFight Coalition

Monthly Archive: May 2014

clublife 1

Book Review – Clublife by Rob the Bouncer

Every once in a while I go through my old bookmarks and this time, just like when digging around in the attic, I found something special. By clicking around, I came upon “Clublife” blog,...

circle 1

Dammit, Surrounded (Again!)

The following is my rant and download of important points from last Tuesday’s training: Multiple opponents practice is in many ways the opposite, and an important counterbalance, to regular sparring practice.  Understanding this will allow you...

gina-carano 2

MMA Champions Near You

As a lot of you know, the lady on the left is a  one-time “Face of Women’s MMA” Gina Carano, who was happily playing basketball until dragged to a Muay Thai class by her boyfriend....

edge 5

Critical Thinking and the Martial Artist

If someone tells you that martial arts training is about Truth, transcending or destroying one’s Ego, and perceiving Ultimate Reality, you should at first be a little suspicious. Not because those words can’t be...

black-umbrella 0

Cheap Umbrella for Self Defence

I bought my first umbrella today. I finally need one in Montreal, where the rain consists of water coming down and not of a whimpy Okanagan drizzle or Vancouver soggy “not sure what”. It...