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What are you training for? 5

What are you training for?

i have not been training for a long time, but from the beginning  I  have and still get confused by instructions such as “be careful on this shoulder joint, you may cause injury” and...

sushi2 1

Catching Zen

I always thought that I knew – in an abstract way, of course, what Zen was. Beauty in simplicity, something about being in the moment… Umm… sparse Japanese interior design… Perfection of form where every detail...

mats 0

Best Mats for Practicing at Home

I saw these in use by a Saskatoon Bujinkan group and they were really comfortable to practice on, easy to put away, and once you feel ready to roll on your hardwood floors at...

110713_2300_DIYRecoveri1.jpg 2

DIY Recovering Your Stolen iPhone/iPad

Before Anything Else, check to insure that the “Find My iPhone” App is installed and activated on all your devices, this means that you have signed in and activated your devices Location Services. Step...

Legendary Doorman, Geoff Thompson 0

Legendary Doorman, Geoff Thompson

Here’s a man that should be on every martial artist’s must study list. Synopsis of his early life from Amazon: Watch My Back is the story of one man’s search for courage. Depressed, bullied,...

clublife 1

Book Review – Clublife by Rob the Bouncer

Every once in a while I go through my old bookmarks and this time, just like when digging around in the attic, I found something special. By clicking around, I came upon “Clublife” blog,...

circle 1

Dammit, Surrounded (Again!)

The following is my rant and download of important points from last Tuesday’s training: Multiple opponents practice is in many ways the opposite, and an important counterbalance, to regular sparring practice.  Understanding this will allow you...