How to Avoid Getting Lifted Off Your Feet.

Check out the description of the video at the bottom for an expansion on the techniques used! :-)

I think the control of your opponents balance, core movement and head are the primary means with which this fellow stays on his feet and he had many opportunities to strike at his attacker’s upper bodies during this simulation.

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  1. Ðørsun says:

    Great post! I really like the experimental approach. What you learn through it, you remember forever.

    For counters, how about ippon seoi nage or tomoe nage? They’re both throws where you sacrifice some of your defences to gain an unexpected advantage. They’re more applicable to situations like these, i.e. a contest of skill, and not full on combat.

    Seoi Nage (judo)

    Tomoe Nage (judo)

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