Monthly Archive: September 2014

sub-zero almost gets a boot to the head 1

A Short Study – Mortal Kombat Elevator Prank

Here’s a video that’s currently holding top position on YouTube’s homepage. It just passed 10.2 million hits, in only 4 days. (update: 34 million hits after six months) It’s interesting to compare the reactions...

TEDTalks violence virus 0

Violence is a virus

… and should be treated like an infectious disease, with “interruptors” employed by Health Districts. Eye opening… Not sure about the photos showing only black guys, but I guess that’s the reality of street...

meditation stones 1

Meditation Journal Entry

I thought I’d share a little narrative of my recent experience. I leave the interpretation of it up to the reader. I lay flat on my back, eyes closed, on an inflatable mattress in...