Author: Brante

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DIY Recovering Your Stolen iPhone/iPad

Before Anything Else, check to insure that the “Find My iPhone” App is installed and activated on all your devices, this means that you have signed in and activated your devices Location Services. Step...

How to Avoid Getting Lifted Off Your Feet. 1

How to Avoid Getting Lifted Off Your Feet.

Check out the description of the video at the bottom for an expansion on the techniques used! I think the control of your opponents balance, core movement and head are the primary means with...

Better to Avoid Punching 0

Better to Avoid Punching

I found the video interesting, although there are many other good striking tools readily available, especially the elbows, head and knees!

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Having Fun While Diversifying Your Training

One of the most invaluable practices for a martial artist or body trainer of any sort, is to occasionally “mix it up”. This means trying out a new style of training, or sport, or...

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Remembering the Leverage

It was at some point during the sensations of having my privates bruised, my shin kicked, throat squeezed, my ear boxed with an elbow and my arm nearly ripped out of its socket that...