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Knowing Your Opponent’s Mind 3

Knowing Your Opponent’s Mind

(Disclaimer: Don’t try this at home!) “Soft skills” are a part of real Martial Arts too. You mean it’s not all about punchin-n-kickin, throwin-n-chokin, cuts-n-strikes? “Soft skills” don’t really apply to competition fighting (see...

Hip Show: MMA+Parkour+Gladiators 1

Hip Show: MMA+Parkour+Gladiators

It’s all good and fun until someone breaks their neck falling off of one of those platforms. Not like regular MMA fighting, not like a free-for-all ghetto fight, and not like battlefield combat. So...

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Squats for Super Agility

[ Sifu Paulie Zink : Internationally acclaimed Monkey Kung Fu master, Taoist teacher, and founder of the popular Yin-Yoga Method ] Ok, this is my long answer to the previous post about the Squat...